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Employee/Endpoint Monitoring


Interguard Sonar records and controls all employee computer activity, increasing staff productivity, decreasing exposure to litigation and meeting compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations. Unique in the industry, Sonar does not require you to purchase any hardware.

Employee Monitoring's software application monitoring and blocking suite allows schedules to be set that control which software applications can be used and when. Time wasters such as Windows Media Player, Facebook or iTunes can be blocked during work hours and allowed during off hours as desired. Dangerous applications, including FTP uploading or peer-to-peer programs like, can be permanently blocked. And of course, all activity is recorded and available to you in your online account.

Recognizing that a lot of work now gets done on mobile devices, Sonar now offers MobileMonitor so you can monitor Smartphone emails and text messages from the same client interface you are using to monitor desktops. Sonar can be either cloud based or can be installed behind the company firewall or in a private cloud environment:

Which employees spend the most time surfing web sites?

Who is spending time on shopping sites, sports sites or adult sites?

Which employees chat or use anonymous email services like Hotmail and Gmail?

Who is sending the most emails with attachments?

Which employees may be leaking company confidential information via removable drives etc

Which employees are printing sensitive documents?

Who is arriving to work late and leaving early? Who takes long lunch breaks?

What are my employees searching for on Google, Yahoo and MSN?

These high-level reports and charts help you quickly identify those employees who are most likely engaging in activities that are harmful to your company.

We also support the 2 other end point products from Awareness Technologies Interguard suite namely Datalock and Laptop Cop: