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Corporate Analysis - Insight from EgoSecure

EgoSecure Data Protection is the first data security solution with a comprehensive approach. Protective measures which are required indeed can be configured according to the answers delivered by Insight.

Developing an effective data protection strategy relies upon understanding the risks and and facts in order to provide effective protection. Insight delivers all the required data security related facts.

The new EgoSecure module INSIGHT reports on the relevant facts; what data is moving between whom and how within the network, providing clear insight about all data paths. The reports delivered by Insight do not violate the employees’ privacy rights, as they can be shown anonymously.

However, the information gathered is  enough to determine the security-related issues and protection requirements on a per user basis.

The 20 protection modules and Insight are integrated in the EGOSECURE DATA PROTECTION solution. Everything accesses the DATABASE and is controlled by the CENTRALISED MANAGEMENT CONSOLE and follows COMPREHENSIVE INSTALLATION, ADMINISTRATION AND OPERATION CONCEPTS.