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File & Folder Encryption

fideAS file Enterprise: fideAS® file enterprise is a user-friendly solution for the transparent DLP and encryption for enterprises of any size. fideAS® file enterprise encrypts all files within a company worth protecting and prevents them leaking from the enterprise and against unauthorised access. Accustomed workflows are not interrupted and therefore no user training is unnecessary. In addition endpoint security, the ability to securely transport files on USB sticks and other removable storage media and control of ensures and control of file activity such as cut and paste ensure data security at all times when both on and off the corporate network.

fideAS file Enterprise:

fideAS file Enterprise is a comprehensive encryption based solution for preventing unauthorised access to confidential information either from those inside an organisation or those outside due to from loss or theft of devices carrying data such as laptops, USB sticks etc or accidental leakage through email.

fideAS file Enterprise works on the principleof controlling who has access to what file anywhere in the organisation and what those persons can do with that file. In addition encrypting each file provides absolute privacy to all times to anyone other than those authorised, even when those files are copied to removable storage devices.

The integrate public key infrastructure (PKI), key generation and distribution services within the fideAS file Enterprise security server is completely hidden from view the administrators and users and is driven from the policy manger which also provides a graphical view of whom can access what file and folder. LDAP connectivity minimises set up by inputting user and group details leaving just the association of the users and groups to folders and files.
Security is further enhanced, if required, by applying the “four eyes” principle i.e. requiring two people to change a policy and with digitally signed log files that captures all administrator actions and file open and closes by the users for compliance and forensic purpose.

fideAS file Enterprise providesfor centralised management of USB, CD/DVD
Secure Transport of files on removable storage devices
Private data to be securely shared with users outside the enterprise by:
· By email: if the policy allows it sensitive files can be emailed outside the organisation as an attachment. Attachments are unencrypted and re encrypted with a private password generated by the sender who needs to pass this on to the recipient by phone. Free software from Apsec is used to decrypt the attachment.
· By creating a USB stick containing an encryption/decryption application and digital certificate. Just copy the files to the USB stick plug the USB stick into the other PC and enter the password allowing secure files to be copied on to the PC and files to be returned to the USB stick fully encrypted.
Application association
Files can be associated with applications so that they can only be used by the associated application.
Access Rights Management
Although available to an authorised user it may be necessary to manage the data within the file for example preventing cut and paste or using save as. fideAS file Enterprise attaches objects to each file that define which authorised user can do what with the file.
Lost password or key?
fideAS file Enterprise provides a number of alternatives should keys or passwords be lost.
Master Key:
On installation a master key and decryption application can be generated and saved to disk for secure storage. Any file can be decrypted using this tool.
Lost password:
In the event that a user forgets his password or it gets compromised then the administrated can simply change the password either as an online or if the PC is off line then by using a manual challenge and response process.


Ideal for the small business dataGuards professional level encryption (based on fideAS) to protect folders and files on desktops, laptops, USB sticks and removable storage media from unauthorised access and ensures data privacy in the event of theft or accidental loss.

dataGuard is based around the same advanced technology used in Apsec’s Enterprise solution that has been adapted for use by the small business to encrypt sensitive folders and files on laptops or desktop machines and removable media storage devices such as USB sticks and mobile hard disks, ensuring complete protection of your data in the event of loss or theft.
Once installed dataGuard operates invisibly in the background without any noticeable impact on performance. Just define any folder, USB port, as private and any files written to the folder or devices will be transparently encrypted and decrypted.
Multiple users on the same PC?
With dataGuard each user can create their own private (encrypted) folders providing complete privacy of files from other users on the PC. Shared folders can also designated private allowing these to be protected from unauthorised eyes.
Need to Share sensitive data securely with other PCs?
dataGuard enables private data to be securely shared between PCs in either of two ways:
· By Exchange of digital certificates when each PC has dataGuard installed
· By creating a USB stick containing an encryption/decryption application and digital certificate. Just copy the files to the USB stick plug the USB stick into the other PC and enter the password allowing secure files to be copied on to the PC and files to be returned to the USB stick fully encrypted.
Forgotten password /Key Recovery
In case your private key cannot be accessed due to a forgotten password or a destroyed key there is an emergency measure. Provided you have defined a private passphrase via the password management you can use this passphrase to obtain access to your data again.
Alternatively it is possible to create a master key (Recovery Key) to all encrypted files. If you lose your personal key you can use this key to decrypt your data with a separate tool.