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The Challenge:

Unstructured data (data not in a database and includes emails) is a huge problem for business.

80% of company data is unstructured and will grow by 500%+ in next few years

Active Directory keeps track of users accounts and passwords in a protected location BUT..

Active Directory management is virtually impossible with native tools!

The BIG Question: “Who has access to finance”?

The Data Owner does NOT know in most instances

The IT Admin only creates the access permissions with instruction from the Data Owner

Large environments (1000 AD User plus) manage their AD permissions by using XL & scripts!

Impossible to find out quickly or accurately using AD – ask a techy!


8MAN - The Product:

A simple and complete overview of all permissions in AD

8MAN documents everything

Everything is traceable

Includes the Data Owner in the process – EASILY!

Intelligent search

8MAN can configure and manage AD as well as report and view

8MAN can resolve nested groups and recursions!

Proper maintenance of AD is the most important action to reduce security breach: