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Network & Endpoint Cloaking

Unisys Stealth Solution™ Suite

You Can’t Hack What You Can’t See

Unisys Stealth Solution is a proactive security approach designed to add unprecedented protection to corporate information
assets while lowering costs. It does this by cloaking connections and obscuring end-points to hackers, to remove your
infrastructure from harm’s way.

Stealth Benefits

•   Stronger security for mission critical IT

•   Grants access based on trusted identity

•   Isolates regional site assets from local threats

•   Segregates regional site assets from each other

•   Fosters availability while protecting confidentiality and data integrity

Unisys Stealth SolutionTM eliminated the balancing act between high levels of security and limited budgets by shifting the security paradigm. No longer do you have to hope you are secure enough. Stealth does not require you to reconfigure your network to achieve a combination of business value, flexibility and military grade security.

Unsurpassed Data Security - Meets the demands of the US Dept. of Defense and certified Common Criteria EAL4+

Simplified, Agile Security Management - Integrates with identity management systems, Microsoft Active Directory and Radius OTP

Easy to Deploy - No expensive network re-engineering work to enhance security

Alternative to VPN - Stealth can supplement or replace existing VPNs using unique security techniques superior to commodity SSL or IPSec VPN

Different Approach to VLAN - Stealth offers a cost effective and easy to implement alternative for network segregation

World-Class Intellectual Property - Unisys Stealth incorporates proprietary technologies, including those that enable the cloaking of Stealth devices from unauthorized eyes, which are protected under issued / pending U.S. Patents and Patent Applications.