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Document Archiving

Unified Data Warehouse

  • Store all types of archived data in a single repository. There is no need to separate archiving solutions for email, documents, images, database, etc...
  • Auto classification means more efficient searches
  • All documents are auto classified upon archive. No user interaction required.

Enhanced deduplication

  • A typical document goes through multiple revisions and may be shared between workers via the email system.
  • There are typically many copies of the same document in users Inboxes and file folders.
  • A unified data warehouse can detect these duplicates and reduce overall storage.

Hardware, OS, database independent

  • It is compatible with any hardware and OS supporting the Java platform.
  • Popular databases supporting Java can also be used.
  • There are no special hardware and software requirements which reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • We will host the software at our state of the art hosting facility.

Securely Stored Off-Site

  • Your data is safe from any disaster at your location.
  • Your users can access the data via the Internet from anywhere.

Online 24x7

  • Your data is available anytime and fully searchable by authorized users in minutes.
  • There is no tape to load, no need to spend hours going through filing cabinets to find documents.
  • Ready for eDiscovery initiative in case of litigation

Cost Effective

  • There is no up front hardware or software expenditure.
  • Just install our software and start archiving your old documents.

Maintenance Proof

  • No on-going maintenance of IT infrastructure, we will scale our data centre so you don't have to.